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Introducing our Peanut Butter Crunch Dog Treats...

We would like to introduce you and your canine pals to our Rustic Handmade & baked Peanut Butter Crunch Dog Treats, which are of course suitable for dogs on a complete plant based diet - not to say that dogs on a meat based diet can’t enjoy our products too! : )

How do they taste?

They are savoury in flavour, with an irresistible crunchy texture. They contain Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter to give our Peanut Butter Crunch Dog Treats a delicious nutty flavour, a little natural yeast extract to add an irresistible gravy like taste, accompanied with natural malt extract to give our treats both a little sweet & malty edge, and creating a golden brown bake! Enjoy! : )

Natural & Healthy

All of our Treats contain completely Natural & Healthy ingredients, with no added salt or sugar! Our Treats are 100% Plant Based and Animal Derivative free.

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Nutritional Info and Ingredients

Wholemeal Flour

We use only the best quality wholemeal flour to give our treats both a more wholesome flavour & texture.

Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter

We only use the best and most natural crunchy peanut butter to give our our treats a delicious nutty flavour!

Natural Yeast Extract

We only use the most natural yeast extract, which importantly, doesn’t contain any added salt, to give our  treats an irresistible gravy like taste.

Malt Extract

We only use the best Malt Extract to give our treats little sweet & malty edge, and creating a golden brown bake!

Coconut Oil

We don’t believe in adding too much oil to our manufacturing process, so only use just enough natural and delicious coconut oil to our treats.

Dietary restrictions & info

Please refer to the following before feeding any of our treats to your Pets'.

Dietary Suitability

All of our products are suitable for both carnivorous and herbivorous Pets. More specifically, all of our products contain no animal derived ingredients, therefore are completely suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets.


Not suitable for pets with a gluten or wheat allergy or intolerance. Contains nuts.

Additives or Preservatives

There are absolutely no additives or preservatives added to the manufacturing process of any of our products, or to the finished product.

Guidelines & Warnings

Our product is a complimentary pet food only, and for animal consumption only. Our product should not be fed as an alternative to your dogs' usual diet. Feed as many as desired, but as always, please allow fresh water to be available after the consumption of any of our products.

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