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Introducing Go Custom!

Why not spoil that Pooch, whether for a special occasion like their birthday, or just for the heck of It! : ) Go Custom allows you to add up to 10 letters or numbers to their treats. Only available currently on our Medium and Large treats : )

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Introducing our Artisan Cheesy Paw Bites Dog Treats...

We would like to introduce you and your canine pals to our Artisan & Baked Cheesy Paw Bites Dog Treats.

Natural & Healthy

All of our products contain completely Natural & Healthy ingredients, with no added salt or sugar! Our Treats are 100% Plant Based and Animal Derivative free.


How do they taste?

They are savoury in flavour, with an irresistible crunchy texture. They contain Natural Yeast Flakes to give our Cheesy Paw Bites Dog Treats a delicious cheesy type flavour and aroma, a little natural yeast extract to add an irresistible gravy like taste, accompanied with natural malt extract to give our treats both a little sweet & malty edge, and creating a golden brown bake! Enjoy! : )


Available Sizes, Shapes, Amounts & Flours?

Our Artisan Dog Treat Ranges come in Sizes - Training Treat (extra small), Small, Medium & Large, and a variety of Shapes - Bone, Paw & Tortoise. Of Amounts from 125g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 350g, 400g & up to 500g depending on your size selection. Lastly a choice of two Flours - Wholemeal (Wheat) or Organic Oat (100% Wholegrain)


Diet Suitability

All of our products are suitable for dogs on a complete plant based diet, or being more specific, all of our products are 100% Vegan - not to say that dogs on a meat based diet can’t enjoy our products too! : )


How many should i feed my Pooch?

We say as many as desired, maybe no more than what you would deem appropriate. As listed in our Guidelines & Warnings, please allow fresh water to be available after the consumption of any of o

Out of stock notice: Due to limited stock at times, if any of our products state “Sold Out”, please contact us to either order direct or to register your interest to get a guaranteed delivery once your desired product is back in stock.

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