Answers to popular Questions...

Is Vgone Insured?

We certainly are. As a professional business, we have public liability and product insurance.

Is Vgone Licenced?

We are licensed with our local authority to produce Pet Foods. Our licensing comes under Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 Feed hygiene Regulation (R6) Food Standards Agency and enables us to Manufacture Pet Foods. This Extends to the manufacturing of both complete and complementary feeds with or without additives.

Do Vgone offer products for special dietary needs?

All of our products are suitable for both carnivorous and herbivorous Pets. More specifically, all of our products contain no animal derived ingredients, therefore are completely suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets. We will be also offering an organic option and Grain Free range for Dogs that have intolerance to grains. Let us know should you be interested in going organic or grain free!

What if my Pet is dissatisfied with your product(s)?

Don’t despair. Should your pet, including yourself not be satisfied with any of our products, we will offer you a full refund.

How long do your products last?

Shelf life depends on which treat you have purchased. Please see the product packaging label for approximate shelf life.

Do you add any Additives or Preservatives?

There are absolutely no additives or preservatives added to the manufacturing process of any of our products, or to the finished product.

Do our products contain added salt?

There’s absolutely no added salt in any of our products. Ingredients we use like natural peanut butter and natural yeast extract, contains absolutely no added salt.

Do our products contain added sugar?

As well as no added salt, our products don’t contain any added sugar either.