About us?

Vgone was founded in 2017 by Luke Simpson with the help of Sarah Ghalaey.

Vgone is a small ethical manufacturer of Plant-Based Pet Treats | Dog Treats that are suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets, which are Handmade & Baked in the UK. We set up with compassion in mind for all animals, and to bring a completely Plant-Based range of Treats to pet owners looking a more ethical option to feed to their pets’. Hence our 100% Plant-Based, Animal Derivative free, Natural, Healthy, Handmade & Baked Pet Treats | Dog Treats for Pets on a Plant-Based diet - not to say that Pets on a Meat-Based diet can’t enjoy our products too! : )

All of our products are suitable for both carnivorous and herbivorous Pets. More specifically, all of our products contain no animal derived ingredients, therefore are completely suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets.

Thank you for reading,

The Vgone Team : )