About us?

Vgone was founded in 2017 by Luke Simpson, with the help of Sarah Ghalaey, whom are both passionate Vegans and Environmentalists. Vgone is here to bring a future proof, ethical and green product to the world of mass producted and meat-based pet products. In a world going plastic free, cutting down on meat consumption, and Vegetarianism and Veganism on the rise, Vgone is here at the right time to help bring a little more good to the world! : )

Vgone is a small ethical manufacturer of Plant-Based Pet Treats | Dog Treats that are suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets, which are Handmade & Baked in the UK. We set up with compassion in mind for all animals, and to bring a completely Plant-Based range of Treats to pet owners looking a more ethical option to feed to their pets’. Hence our 100% Plant-Based, Animal Derivative free, Natural, Healthy, Handmade & Baked Pet Treats | Dog Treats for Pets on a Plant-Based diet - not to say that Pets on a Meat-Based diet can’t enjoy our products too! : )

All of our products are suitable for both carnivorous and herbivorous Pets. More specifically, all of our products contain no animal derived ingredients, therefore are completely suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets.

As a modern day business, we believe it is important to be as ethical and green as possible in all areas. From producing animal derivitive free pet products, to abstaining from using plastic where possible. When we send out postal orders for instance, we will send our treats in a reyclable cardboard box, rather than fancy plastic packaging that will only end up in the landfill!

The true purpose for setting up Vgone, was purely to bring a Meat, Dairy & Egg free product (in other words Vegan) to the market. The pet foods / treats market is dominated by giants, all of whom mainly mass produce their products to be as cheap and therefore, profitable as possible. These pet food / treat giants also usually source their product meat-based ingredients from animal derrivitives of any source. From boiled down skin, tallow,bones, etc. We believe that what pet owners feed their pets, should be treated on the same level of what we human folk feed ourselves and kids! If you are health concious and eat a nutruious well sourced diet, included feeding your kids the same, then why don't people also do the same when feeding their animals! 

Thank you for reading,

The Vgone Team : )