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Vgone is a small ethical manufacturer of Plant-Based Pet Treats | Dog Treats that are suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets, which are Handmade & Baked in the UK. We set up with compassion in mind for all animals, and to bring a completely Plant-Based range of Treats to pet owners looking a more ethical option to feed to their pets’. Hence our 100% Plant-Based, Animal Derivative free, Natural, Healthy, Handmade & Baked Pet Treats | Dog Treats for Pets on a Plant-Based diet - not to say that Pets on a Meat-Based diet can’t enjoy our products too! : )

All of our products are suitable for both carnivorous and herbivorous Pets. More specifically, all of our products contain no animal derived ingredients, therefore are completely suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan Pets.

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Natural & Healthy

All of our products contain completely Natural & Healthy ingredients, with no added salt or sugar! Our Treats are 100% Plant Based and Animal Derivative free.

Handmade & Baked

All of our products are 100% handmade with each batch individually Baked in the UK.

Ethical & Compassionate

As a modern day business, we believe it is important to be as ethical as possible in all areas. From producing animal derivitive free pet products, to abstaining from using plastic food packaging where possible. We set up with compassion in mind for all animals...